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Мнение от Dragomir » пет май 05, 2017 5:41 pm

There is most likely a problem with the phone's /efs/ss_data file. I think it's basically a key for decryption of your Wi-Fi passwords and other things in secure storage.

Root is required for this fix.

First we need to confirm it's a problem with secure storage.

Install BuildProp Editor from Play Store

Set ro.secure.storage=false

Reboot, setup Wi-Fi & reboot again

WiFi should now remember passwords if there was an issue with secure storage.

Now let's fix the secure storage issue since we know what's broken.

Set ro.secure.storage=true using BuildProp Editor

Backup EFS using TWRP/CWM recovery

Delete ss_data in /efs using ES File Explorer in root mode

Reboot, setup Wi-Fi and reboot again

Your Wi-Fi passwords should be remembered now on any ROM/kernel, non rooted and without edits to build.props

Tested ON: Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920T1 MetroPCS Variant on 5.1.1 build DOJC

Note: This may work on other devices that require setting ro.secure.storage=false in build.prop for Wi-Fi to remember passwords. I have seen users with Nexus devices experiencing this issue as well.